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Gift registry (wish list) stays active for 120 days, approximately 4 months.

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How to create a Gift Registry

A customer has to create and account and be logged in to use a Gift Registry feature in our store. Products can be added to the Registry/Wish List one by one while browsing through the store, or they can be saved into the Registry all at the same time from the shopping basket page.   Registry link can then be emailed to family and friends via form displayed on the bottom of the Registry/Wish List page. 
A customer also has an option to allow their Registry be searchable by their name, or they can simply rely only on links sent to gift buyers via emails from a gift registry page.
We suggest always checking the box "reduce item quantity when purchased" to avoid receiving doubles of items from your gift buyers.

How To Shop From A Gift Registry - Wish List

Gift Buyers, you can search for a specific Wish List/Registry by clicking on a "Wish List Search" in the top navigation bar on the right.  If a gift receiver allowed their registry to be searchable, you should be able to easily find the Registry by first and/or last name.  Otherwise, you would need to follow the link email to you by a gift registry owner. Once you access the Wish List, check which items you would like to purchase and add the items to your basket. Then continue through the regular checkout process to complete the purchase. If a gift receiver opted to have the items removed from their Registry once purchased, the items will be removed upon your completion of the transaction.